Monster Hunter World PC Deviljho Gets Added To Roster Of Monsters

Monster Hunter World players on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have already learned to fear the Deviljho, the monster that was added to the game back in March of this year. Now, a Monster Hunter World PC Deviljho is being added to the game, allowing you to sink your weapon into a new monster.

The Deviljho wasn’t a release monster in either of the two console versions of Monster Hunter World that came out first, but was added several months after being released. Now the same has happened to the PC version, ensuring that you can still get at least one new monster to fight and make into armor.

The Deviljho is a large variety of monster, and makes its debut in Monster Hunter World by attacking an Anjanath, one of the game’s new monsters. Now, PC players are given the chance to actually hunt the beast, and with luck (and hopefully help from multiple other players) kill it, and make it into weapons and armor.

The Monster Hunter World PC Deviljho will also be capable of invading quests outside of its own of up to 6 or 7 stars, along with high-ranking expeditions, though you have to complete the Rathian investigation mission first. All of these ambushes can mean both extra loot and a harder hunt, so be careful.

Much like the console versions, in addition to normal Deviljho gear the Monster Hunter World PC Deviljho will also have the potential to drop crafting materials. These materials can be used to create the Vangis Alpha and Beta armors, which are also high-quality enough to serve you well if you can get the proper components for them.

The Monster Hunter World PC Deviljho is currently available in-game, so if you’ve exhausted monsters to hunt and want something more challenging, then you can go and hunt for it now.