Micron Becomes Launch Partner For Nvidia RTX GPUs, First To Bring GDDR6 To Market

The upcoming Nvidia RTX GPUs have left behind the GDDR5X memory used in GTX 10 series GPUs in favor of GDDR6 memory which features higher memory bandwidth and performance. Micron is the one behind supplying GDDR6 memory to Nvidia for its RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, and RTX 2070 GPUs and the first company to bring it to the market.

Micron is Nvidia’s launch partner for RTX GPUs and expects GDDR6 memory to be widely used in the industry and thus has stopped the production of GDDR5X memory and is solely focusing on GDDR6 and HBM2 memory.

Currently, Micron is supplying GDDR6 memory in 12 Gbps and 14 Gbps transfer speeds and intends to introduce 16Gbps GDDR6 memory chips in the future. Not only that, GDDR6 is more power efficient compared to GDDR5X despite offering higher memory bandwidth and transfer speed.

For comparison sake, 8Gb with 12 Gbps and 14 Gbps transfer rate GDDR6 memory chips require 1.35V while GDDR5 requires 1.5V.

Many of you might be wondering as to why Nvidia opted for GDDR6 when HBM2 offers better performance. The reason behind choosing GDDR6 is probably to reduce the manufacturing cost of the GPU since HBM2 is expensive compared to GDDR6.

Also, Micron has assured that it has ample GDDR6 production capabilities that will prevent memory shortages in the market like the one that happened last year resulting in an increase in GPU costs.

Not only that, GDDR6 has enough headroom for overclocking as Micron has noted that it can be overclocked to 20 Gbps with a slight increase in voltage.

The real question is, how will the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 will perform as they are using the GDDR6 memory. If Micron’s claims are to be believed then we shall be seeing a significant bump in GPU performance.

Speaking of upcoming Nvidia RTX GPUs, Nvidia has been pushing these GPUs in the market with Real-Time Ray Tracing, a feature that is exclusive to upcoming Nvidia RTX GPUs.

However, reports have been circulating that even RTX 2080 Ti is struggling to play games at 1080p/60 FPS with RTX enabled like Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, Shadow Of the Tomb Raider and more.

However, this must be taken into account that these games are still in development and Battlefield V ad Shadow Of The Tomb Raider won’t even feature RTX at launch. Developers are still optimizing RTX for their games and we can possibly see improved performance at least for 1080p gaming.

Source: Micron