New Greaseproof Xbox Controller Announced, Eat With Ease While Gaming

Xbox Australia has declared the ultimate solution to all that oil and grease that just won’t come off from your Xbox controllers. Microsoft is making the options of its users broader day after day by giving products like the newly announced Greaseproof Xbox Controller. The developers have themed the greaseproof Xbox controller to the widely celebrated battle royale game by the name PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.

The Greaseproof Xbox controller was announced through a 40 seconds Youtube reveals clip uploaded by Xbox Australia. The Team behind its development has never been shy of bringing such unusual products in the market. It is basically being tagged along as an Xbox PUBG Greaseproof Controller while relating it to the renowned “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” tagline from the game.

The idea behind introducing this Greaseproof XBox Controller is basically a tribute to rejoice the 1.0 update of PUBG on XBox One meaning the game has now officially released on the console. The color scheme of the controller is also based on the setting of PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds. Xbox Australia previously also dedicated to PUBG way back by dropping loot crates.

A special coating is applied to the greaseproof Xbox controller to make it resistant to roasted chicken grease, water along with minor scratches. This coating material is called urethane. However, when urethane is applied it might give a greasy look at first but it does what its job is.

The Greaseproof Xbox Controller that we got to see in the announcement video was the first of the 200 pieces that are going to be produced as of now. It was suggested in the video as the controller is marked #1 out of 200.

With the announcement of the greaseproof Xbox controller and the recent release of another such device, it sure looks like Microsoft is attending to a large number of concerns when making their products.