Destiny 2 Forsaken Supers Guide – New Subclass Trees, How to Farm Visions of Light, Seed of Light

The combat of Destiny 2 is fun, fast-paced, and flashy as ever thanks to the introduction of new Destiny 2 Forsaken Supers.

Since there are some requirements for unlocking the Supers for each subclass, we have decided to put up a Destiny 2 Forsaken Supers Guide to help you with that.

In our Destiny 2 Forsaken Supers Guide, we look at the 9 new Supers for each class and how to unlock them.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Supers

Once you first create a character, you will have to choose a subclass that will remain with you at least until you unlock the Dreaming City where you can unlock the second subclass for your character.

Each subclass comes with its own unique Super. All the Supers are listed below:

Sunbreaker Titan

The Burning Maul ability allows the Titan to move in a circle with the primary shoot button and come raging down dealing damage with the secondary shoot button.

For melee, you can throw the hammer and retrieve it to regenerate health and x3 damage for whenever you use that weapon. Repeat the cycle for devastating effects.

Striker Titan

The Thundercrash ability allows you to fly high up and then come crashing down manually where you can adjust your aim and position of the drop.

Using your melee attacks, the Super energy is received and sliding over ammo boxes reloads equipped weapon instantly while giving you more damage potential.

Sentinel Titan

His Super ability will make the Barrier Shield an offensive tool. Although enemies still will not be able to shoot through the shield, your teammates can.

It is triggered by holding the button for the special. Moreover, the melee attacks also receive a buff in the sense of explosive damage and triggering void outs nearby.

Dawnblade Warlock

Well of Radiance special allows you to use your sword to create a field around you in which your allies can heal and are buffed for a total of 30 seconds.

Moreover, your grenade, if held down, will also be able to heal your allies and buff them. Lastly, the melee attacks can cause burn damage to enemies.

Stormcaller Warlock

Use Chaos Reach is a powerful beam of energy dealing massive damage and stopping it at your will to save up your Super Meter.

Orbs of electricity do explosive damage and for Warlock with less than the max health, he will be able to collect Iconic Traces to get ability energy and speed up allies and himself.

Voidwalker Warlock

The Nova Wrap Super allows you to teleport with one attack button and cause an explosion with the other. Holding down the attack button for explosion can be used to adjust the radius of where the damage will be dealt, at the cost of Super Meter.

Grenades also cause explosions in your surroundings while using void ability will heal you and award you with the grenade and melee energy. Melee attacks cause a void explosion.

Gunslinger Hunter

You can target and send out multiple projectiles in the form of explosive knives which will follow the target. With the melee attack, you cause burn damage to enemies while recharging your dodge and melee ability.

Arcstrider Hunter

Hold down the special ability button to erect a shield which deflects and reflects bullets and projectiles with 3 times more damage than the original attack. Melee attacks cause you to reload faster and add electric damage to your attacks.

Nightstalker Hunter

Allows for an invincibility cloak with the special move. With it, you can approach enemies from behind and deliver a killing blow. Smoke bombs will slow down enemies and deal damage.

The unique perk for this subclass allows you to turn invisible and be able to see through walls.

How to Unlock New Supers?

Unlocking these Supers work by collecting as many Visions of Light as possible. This is tied to the quests in the main story’s campaign and can be received as rewards for completing Public Events in The Tangled Shores.

Getting enough of this resource will let you reach the milestone titled New Powers after which you will be able to attempt a quest to earn Seed of Light.

This will finally allow you to unlock any Super for any subclass of your choice. Also, do note that you only get one shot with one Seed of Light item, so choose carefully!

Choose one that you think will be effective to your playstyle and gameplan. Also, why not go for something that you find visually entertaining?

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