Destiny 2 Forsaken Leveling Guide – Leveling Tips to Reach PL 600, the Last Wish Raid Ready

Being focused on leveling up more than ever, there is no better time to get to know some power leveling tips to upgrade your Guardian. Follow along with our Destiny 2 Forsaken Leveling Guide to get to know of methods that will earn you XP for leveling up your character and getting hands on the rad equipment and gear.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Leveling

With the new expansion, Forsaken, Destiny 2 has increased its Player Level cap to 50 and Power Level cap to 600. This has room for potential grinding, lots of tasks to be completed, and XP to be earned.

We will cut it short and tell you of the quickest and yet the most effective ways you can gather points to level up.

The first and foremost thing is the simplest: carry out Public Events. Since these refresh regularly, you can check them out in the game’s menu. Complete these objectives to earn a steady amount of XP in a consistent manner.

Next, you can also try out Patrols, discovering Lost Sectors, and Heroic Adventures.

Moreover, the Bounties System also allows for great rewards but along with great risks. Playing through the story mode is crucial; as it will help you unlock more of these Bounties along the way where you will have to eliminate some tough targets.

You can try out Gambit and Crucible for more Bounties.

Additionally, one way or another, you need to complete the main campaign for you to access the next area when you reach higher levels: The Dreaming City.

This is an end-game area with some powerful rewards and will definitely help you reach those final levels up to the cap.

Now pay attention here, be it any mode, any event, one thing should be clear: use items that boost XP and loot gain. This is crucial if you are taking the shortcut to success.

Items like the Fireteam Medallion that you can get from Tess in Eververse will make sure you are not working too hard and yet still gaining a decent amount of XP.

When it comes to Power/Light level, keep your powerful gear and weapons even you cannot use them at that particular point. Eventually, you will level up enough to make use of them.

Avoid infusing your gear as it is rather expensive and there are always random loot drops that you can opt for instead. Moreover, armors in Forsaken already have perks, so no need to invest in what you already have.

Once the level scaling becomes excruciatingly tough, you can go for trading Exotic/Powerful Engrams.

You earn these from Milestones and by using the keys for the chests in the Underbelly, the ones you get from Leviathan. This will make sure that you are able to reach 50 level for player and 600 Power Level eventually.

For the future, it may be easier to level up in Forsaken when The Last Wish Raid actually drops in. Like with the previous Destiny, these activities have always been a source of plentiful XP, so it will not be much different in this expansion too.

Wait for that as well, it will give you many opportunities to increase your level quick.

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