Dead Cells Switch Sales Leave Its PS4 Sales In The Dust

PAX West 2018 had brought in a lot of new details about some really anticipated games, by some major developers and so yet another detail has surfaced regarding Motion Twin’s Dead Cells.

Turns out that Dead Cells sales have been a little too successful, in fact, it has exceeded the expectations of many which includes the devs as well.

Speaking about the success of this game, the makers of Dead Cells at PAX 2018 said that this game has sold exceptionally well on Nintendo Switch since it got released that it has even, surpassed its sales for PlayStation 4 console.

The level of success this game has had with the hybrid console has been so remarkable that it has sold, by a factor of four to one against PS4.

With that being said, you would find this very strange that while the developers of Dead Cell claim for this to be the case, they have not rolled out any type of figures for the sales. Which does seem to put some doubts about the claim as well.

Now although it is not hard to believe that this indie game, has been doing remarkable but four to one is a big difference and the figures would have brought in a lot of clarity.

With all that said, taking this claim to be authentic, it is not much of a surprise because of Dead Cell and the console being as both the successful products, of their respective companies.

So when indie games like Hollow Knight, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King and Dead Cell make their way on Switch it does not come as a shocker.

Here is a something interesting that took place with this game in context quite recently. Having said that if you have not yet played this game yet then we strongly recommend you to check it out. Also if you require any help, then various combat guides, weapon guides, skills guide are also at your disposal.