Bioware Will Deliver Anthem As “A Complete Package” From The Start

Many people started to have doubts that when Anthem launch it might be short on game content and not be in the best shape. However, the Executive Producer of the game came out to eliminate any doubts about the wholeness of Anthem when it comes out. Mark Darrah declared that users will have an abundant amount of content and features to play through when the RPG releases.

At the recently held PAX West gaming event Mark Darrah spoke on behalf of the developers with USGamer on the amount of content that users will have access to from the day Anthem is launched.

“You would be able to play for months and months. Even if we weren’t then layering a live service on top of it. So, I think it’s an excellent value right off the start. You know, four Exosuits, a complete story. So, both I think it’s a complete package but it’s also the starting line of an experience as well.”

Darrah acknowledged the fact that certain live service video games failed to deliver in the past year. Hence, he added to this by telling expressing their regards to this concern. Bioware is ready to take up the challenge by adapting to the demands of their fan-base as they go deeper into the development of the game. Mark stated on this issue by stating:

“I think in the last year you’ve seen a couple of games launch that were in that same kind of space that you would’ve thought, ‘OK this should be fine’ that then didn’t work out”

Bioware faced certain criticism already that they don’t have enough to deliver. Whereas, Mark Darrah repeatedly emphasized their stance on providing an intensive amount of content to Anthem players from the start of its release. Darrah plainly put forward their approach on making Anthem by suggesting that unfinished work has totally been out of the question.

“People came in and they went, ‘There’s not enough here,’ and they left. So, I think it’s partially because the competition in the space has gotten harder people are less willing to just kind of hang out and hope that stuff is going to come along. There are other things for them to do. So, I think for me a big lesson has been that… it’s that you need to have enough on the first day so that there’s a reason to stay. And when more is coming then that’s great. That’s amazing. But I’m not just going to hang out and wait for the game to become complete. It has to be complete from day one.”

To attend to the expanding story mode of the game Mike Gamble, the Lead Producer for Anthem added:

“We don’t have to wait for full expansions anymore like our previous games, let alone other games in the space. If you look at Dragon Age or Mass Effect you’d have to wait three, four, five, six months sometimes between big updates. We don’t have to abide by that anymore. We can actually, week-over-week, trickle out content.”

This is an exciting update for the Anthem fans after hearing that the content updates for the story mode will be totally free.

Source: IGN