Fallout 76 Is A Silent Game That Lets Your Imagination Run Wild

One of the frequently asked questions by fans regarding Fallout 76, normally concerns NPCs in the game. While the vice president Pete Hines has repeatedly addressed this question, saying that the game shall only be featuring other players. Fans have not been able to reach, a satisfactory level.

However, because of this reason fans have been a little off and lost, regarding this game but it seems like Bethesda has dropped the mother of all bombs, which will either shut the fans for good or open doors, to the whole new conversation topic.

In the recently published issue of Game Informer magazine, Bethesda has revealed that technically Fallout 76 will be a silent game. NPCs are there in the game but they are technically robots, who won’t have any voice. Moreover, the characters just like most of the other games will also be voiceless.

So no dialogues mean, you will have the chance to let your imagination run wild. Either that or perhaps, Bethesda went low budget on this section of the game.

Of course, writing scripts and dialogues would definitely have cost them a lot, so while they were already experimenting with this Fallout 76 game, they thought why not do an experiment within an experiment, like Inception, dream within a dream.

Assuming that was the case, then they might have taken the experiment bar a little too far. Although if that is not the case and they have thought this through then, it would be an assurance to the fans.

Be that as it may, for the hardcore fans of RPG experience, this move would definitely be a catch. As some fans, prefer to not indulge in dialogues when they are playing RPG games.

With that being said, for those who are concerned about NPCs being colorless and dull because of them, being referred to as robotics. Worry not, not all of them are vendors, nor are they all generic in nature, in fact, most of them have their own unique personalities, as well as their own unique experience that will in return, define their personalities.

So while that should blow the dust away, regarding the NPCs, another most fascinating aspect that has seemingly, been touched by Bethesda is regarding Quest Progression.

Yes, quests will be given upon the arrival of the game, similar to Skyrim. The devs have clarified that while the major focus of the devs, has been on the social aspects of the Wasteland, they do not want to give the kind of vibe that Fallout 76, is just another survival throwaway.

Moreover, as you may know by now that the map of the game is pretty huge, based on the previously revealed map size of Vest Virginia, that has been divided into 6 districts, so there will be enough quests to satisfy your needs.

So while Bethesda has seemingly been working hard on this game, there have been certain moments, which show as if Bethesda is afraid of Fallout 76 being a multiplayer experience.

To be honest, their stress could not be more authentic because this whole attempt, to turn Fallout 76 a multiplayer experience could literally go sideways.