Dragon Quest XI Mini Medals Locations Guide – Where To Find, How To Cash In

Mini Medals are just one of the collectibles that you can find in Dragon Quest XI. They can be found in multiple places and can be used to redeem various different rewards. Our Dragon Quest XI Mini Medals Locations Guide will give you the locations of all of them.

Our Dragon Quest XI Mini Medals Locations Guide will tell you how and where you can cash in your Mini Medals as well as where to find every single one of them.

Dragon Quest XI Mini Medals Locations

Once you have found the Mini Medals, you will be able to cash them. The first place where you can get a Stamp Card to put your medals in is the Medal Exchange Counter in the town of Puerto Valor.

Go to the Inn to the western end of the town to find the woman with the Medal Exchange Counter. She takes all the medals that you have and gives you a Stamp Card which gives you rewards for collecting enough medals.

Once your Stamp Card is full, you can find another one later on in the story if you head to L’Academi de Notre in Champs Sauvage and then fill it up towards the end of the game.

Let us go ahead and look at the locations of all of the stamp cards in their numbered order.

Heliodor Castle
Find it in a barrel on the third floor balcony.

Found in the house towards the east side of the church. Use a ladder to climb up the platform and access the chest which has this medal.

Heliodor, Derk’s Shop
Find the medal in a pot on the second-floor corridor.

The Manglegrove
Enter the woods and take a right at the first path to find the chest down the road on a ledge.

Find this medal in a chest behind the house towards the south side of town.

Cryptic Crypt
Go east of the dungeon to find a treasure chest in a room with the medal.

Gallopolis Region
Go to the south edge of the map to find this medal in a desert (inside of a treasure chest).

Go south of the church to find this medal inside of a house.

Complete the request ‘An Even Lovlier Letter’ to get this medal as a reward.

Grotta della Fonte
Before you exit to the cave, find this on a chest to the left wall.

Zwaardrust Region, Warrior’s Rest Inn
Go to the balcony on the second floor and then go right when outside to find this medal inside of a treasure chest.

Break a pot at the bottom of the stairs which lead to the shops.

Complete ‘The Shadow’ request to get this medal as a reward.

Dundrasil Region
Find it in the cabin that Hero and Jade rest in.

Puerto Valor
Rest in the Hotel Casino and you will be given this medal.

Puerto Valor
Smash a pot in the Hotel Casino on the top floors to find this medal.

The Strand
Go to the hull of the shipwreck and find it in a treasure chest.

That is all we have for our Dragon Quest XI Mini Medals Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!