Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations Guide – How To Raise Your Stats

Attribute Seeds are seeds that raise a specific attribute of yours by +1 when consumed. The increase is permanent so finding them can be very beneficial and our Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations Guide will guide you through finding all of them. Our Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations Guide will tell you the locations of all the Attribute Seeds in the game so that you can raise your stats.

Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations

The seeds that we will be telling you about are organized by the attribute that they will be responsible for increasing. They are also going to be in an order that you can go through in a step-by-step manner while playing the story of the game.

As you know, they increase your stats by 1 when consumed and are found within pots, barrels and treasure chests.

Seed of Strength

The first seed of this kind is found in Heliodor towards the back alleys of the east side. It is near the stairs leading to downtown Heliodor. It can also be found towards the foothills of Heliodor towards the western side of the area.

The last of this seed can be found in Gondolia inside of a barrel near the northwest Gondola Dock.

Seed of Magic

There is only 1 seed of this kind. Find it by going to the boss’ level near the northeast of the Grotta Della Fonte and climb the vine on your right. Keep on heading down the path to get the chest with this seed.

Seed of Defense

Find this seed in the Lower Level of The Kingsbarrow in a Treasure Chest that can be reached by mounting an Eggsoskeleton.

Seed of Therapeusis

Climb the stairs outside the church in Puerto Valor and you will get a Treasure Chest in the corner which will have the Seed of Therapeusis.

Seed of Deftness

Find this seed in Heliodor behind the house to the south of the Equipment Shop. Climb the ladder to get to the rooftop and then go down the chimney to find the seed inside a pot.

Seed of Skill

This seed is found in Laguna di Gondolia. Enter the east side of the area and look for a midnight Horknight that you can defeat and mount. Mount it to fly to the islands of the north. The chest can be found on one of the islands.

That is all we have for our Dragon Quest XI Attribute Seeds Locations Guide. Let us know if you have found something else using the comments section below!