Destiny 2 Forsaken Sparks of Light Guide – Boost To PL 320 And Player Level 30

So you are one of those who would not want to go through all the hard work of completing the Destiny 2’s campaign before you jump into Forsaken expansion? Or maybe you would like to try out a new character but again, do not want to go through all the campaign missions and leveling up which you have already experienced.

There is another way; something the previous entry in the series had too, a special item called Destiny 2 Forsaken Spars of Light.

Let us discuss the Sparks of Light and how you can use it in Destiny 2 to boost your level for Forsaken expansion of the game.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Sparks of Light

Like its iteration in the original Destiny, the item will allow players to skip over all the hurdles and requirements of diving into the new expansion released.

As is the tradition, most of the expansions carry a level requirement to actually play them. Forsaken also has a similar requirement and it has also increased its maximum Power Level cap to 600 and Player Level cap to 60 which can be quite a grind.

Although we definitely do not discourage playing the main campaign first, for some you, that is not a viable option. Therefore, the item, Sparks of Light will allow you to level up just enough to be able to play the Forsaken expansion.

How to Use Sparks of Light

Once you purchase the expansion, the item will be there right from the start. It will grant you a power level of 320 with some Rare Gear and Player Level 30.

In order to do so, all you need to do is to play the game for a while and return to your Character Selection screen by pressing the Esc. key.

Remember that using the Sparks of Light will prevent you from playing the vanilla, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind singleplayer campaign missions. In order to play those missions, you will have to start a new character from scratch.

It should also be noted that only the first Sparks of Light item would be free for all players who choose to purchase the Forsaken expansion.

If you are looking to level up multiple characters then that could be tough from a financial point of view since each one costs $30 USD.

Now you can freely play the next part of Destiny’s journey, without having to regret why you sold your previous copy or switched to a different platform.

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