Destiny 2 Forsaken Public Events Guide – CRYO-POD, Ether Ritual, Trigger Heroic Versions

Destiny 2 Forsaken Public Events Guide will help you with the two new Public Events introduced with Forsaken expansion and how to make them Heroic Public Events for better rewards.

Heroic Public Events require certain actions to be completed flawlessly in order to trigger them and this Destiny 2 Forsaken Public Events Guide will help you with just that.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Public Events

Public Events in Destiny 2 are temporary Events available on each planet. Random players can join these Public Events in Destiny 2 and complete them to share the loot which is rewarded at the end.

However, there are two versions of every Public Event; one is the Normal Public Event while the second one is the Heroic Public Event.

To trigger Heroic Public Events, certain actions are required to be taken while participating in a Public Event and this Destiny 2 Forsaken Public Events Guide will help you on how to trigger Heroic Public Events.

Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion brings two new Public Events which can be played as Heroic and here is how you can trigger Heroic Public Events.


The CRYO-POD Public Event is a straightforward one in which cell pod crashes containing prisoners which you need to clear out. You will have to fight off two waves of enemies before the boss appears to kill you.

What you need to do is deal some damage after which small vents will open around the cryo-pod that will release freezing gas. At this moment, you have to trigger the Heroic Event.

Instead of focusing your fire on the boss, shoot at the vents and each vent will pop out a Frozen Orb. Grab the orb and throw it at the boss.

You need to hit the boss several times with the Frozen Orb to freeze it in place. At this point, the CRYO-POD Public Events become a Heroic Public Event.

Once the boss is frozen, stand inside the circle and fight off waves of enemies and once you have cleared out all of the enemy waves, the Heroic Public Event will be completed.

Ether Ritual Heroic

Here is how to make Ether Ritual a Heroic Public Event. First, start the Public Event and you will be standing near a damaged Servitor in the ground along with three broken Servitors.

A Scorn mini-boss will spawn that you need to kill and only the mini-boss but keep your eyes on the Servitors. Once he is dead, a message will pop up and you will see white blobs of Ether floating towards the Servitor.

You need to shoot at the Ether blobs and destroy them before they reach the Servitor.

Do this three times and if you manage to kill three mini-bosses without a single Ether blob reaching the Servitor then the Public Events will become heroic and a powerful boss will spawn.

Just defeat this newly spawned boss and you will complete the Ether Ritual Heroic Public Event.

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