Destiny 2 Gambit Guide

Gambit mode in D2 puts an interesting spin on the PvP of the game by adding some AI enemies to deal with as well. You might call it as a PvPvE mode where players have to not only fight other plays but also hordes of enemies. We have prepared this Destiny 2 Gambit guide to breakdown this unique game mode.

Destiny 2 Gambit

Gambit is a unique 4v4 Multiplayer Mode that blends PvE and PvP elements expertly to give fans something refreshing.

You’ll be facing three threats in this mode, and the entire mode pretty much just revolves around these. These are Invasions, Banking Motes, and the opponents themselves.

The goal of the game is to spawn a boss called ‘Primeval’ and defeat it before the other team does the same. You and the other team will be given your own areas and you’re both allowed to invade each other’s areas to attempt and slow down the progress.

Loadout and Perks

Before attempting anything else, let us talk about loadouts and starting class before you start around in Gambit. Although there will be other tasks to fulfill, none is more dangerous than the enemies themselves.

You have high-level players and high-level AI. You need to select a loadout which screams I’m here to shoot you all down.

For this purpose, going with guns like The Wardclif Coil, Sunshot, Fighting Lion, Sweet Business, Sleeper Simulant and Merciless is actually wise. Each of these weapons is great at dealing high damage and has a good range.

Machine guns also work extremely well in this game mode. ‘One Thousand Voices’ is arguably the best gun to use overall here.

Even if you mess up your loadout, you can swap it for a better one mid-game with not-so harsh punishments.

Regarding Perks, go ahead with the classics i.e. Rampage, Dragonfly, or Cluster Bomb. Lastly, you have the roles which not everyone understands, to be quite frank.

Coordination is key in this mode and that starts even before the round. Therefore, for the best strategy that goes when it comes to the roles is dividing the offense among two players and the Invader and Floater for the other two.

This way, the Killers Bank Motes and keep the opposition at bay while the Invader, well invades but also helps in the fight. Lastly, the Floater works with the Invader and clears the blockers out.

How Gambit Motes Work

Most of the Gambit match is spent eliminating enemies and collecting a kind of currency called ‘Motes’. There is a station at the middle of the map where these Motes can be deposited.

It’s a good idea to deposit Motes often as you can only hold 15 of them at a time, and you’ll lose them all if you die.

The more Motes you deposit, the closer your team will get in spawning the Primeval. Depositing Motes in multiples of 5 sends a blocker to the enemy team which stops them from depositing their own Motes.

Depositing 5 Motes sends a small blocker, 10 Motes sends a medium blocker and finally, 15 Motes send a large blocker. You have to empty a magazine at these blockers to take them down.

You can look at the bar on the top of your screen (the red and blue one) to see how many Motes your team has collectively deposited. You can also look at the gray section of the bar see how many Motes each individual player currently has on them.

There are marks on the bar at 25, 50 and 75. When you reach these marks, a portal opens up; allowing a single player from your team to enter the enemy’s area and try to wreak havoc there.

If the invader gets killed or the timer runs out, they’ll give the enemy three Motes. If the invader kills four enemies, they’ll be sent back to their side.

The Primeval boss spawns when your team deposits 75 Motes. This boss will bring some lower-level enemies alongside it.

The thing which makes this part of the game very difficult is that at this point, the enemy players will be able to invade your area periodically.

Each kill the enemy invader gets will restore the Primeval’s health by a little bit. The team who manages to kill the Primeval first wins the round.

Do note that a Gambit match works in a best out of three fashion.

Gambit Tips

Communication is Key
This may seem like a very obvious tip, but it still necessary to mention as the Gambit mode needs to be played extremely strategically and with a lot of coordination.

This is why we recommend you to play it with your friends, as solo-queuing may match you up with teammates who won’t even bother to communicate with you.

Before the match starts, talk to your teammates and have each one of you assign themselves a focus area so you don’t have any confusion during the game.

An essential part of the game which requires your team to be coordinated is the depositing of the Motes.

It may seem like a good idea to deposit your Motes whenever you have enough to send a small/medium blocker towards the enemy team, but if you coordinate with your team, you may find out that you can send a large blocker if you all chip in with your Motes.

Keep an Eye on The Mote Counter
Remember to always keep an eye on the red and blue bars at the top of your screen to note how many Motes both teams currently have stored.

You also have to keep note of the gray section, which indicates how many Motes both teams currently have on them.

This is very important to keep track of as it’ll allow you to predict enemy invasions and blockers.

Don’t Be Too Frugal with Your Super
Unless you have a Super which is specifically good for Primeval, don’t be shy too use it while roaming around and gathering Motes.

Take Your Primeval Fight Slowly
When the Primeval spawns, you may want to throw all your Supers and heavy ammo on it at once. This is a very unwise thing to do because if you do so, and an enemy invader comes in and kills you, all the damage you did on the Primeval will get reset.

Before attacking the Primeval too much, wait for the first invader to come so you can waste their time while you stack up on Primeval Slayer.

Another thing to note is that if the enemy team summons their Primeval, don’t rush in. Let them do some damage to the Primeval so you can actually slow down their effort when you invade, as opposed to invading while their Primeval’s health is full anyway.

Get Rid of Yellow-Bar Enemies Immediately (Gambit Prime)
When playing Gambit Prime, you’ll encounter some yellow-bar enemies later on the game which come in the form of Shriekers, Chieftains, Wizards etc.

You have to get rid of them as soon as you can because they can kill you in the blink of an eye. Try to kill them as they come to avoid being battered by them.

Assist the Sentry in Destroying the Blockers (Gambit Prime)
Prime blockers are extremely hard to get rid of if it’s just the Sentry that’s doing it. Be a good teammate and help your Sentry out in destroying the blockers.

Regroup Before Killing the Final Primeval Envoy (Gambit Prime)
When you destroy the third and final envoy in Gambit Prime, a Well of Light will spawn. To deal damage to the Primeval, you have to be present in this well.

So, before you kill the final Primeval envoy and spawn the well, let your team regroup so you’ll all be ready to dish out damage as soon as the well spawns.

Also, if there’s an invader, take care of him first before you kill the final envoy

Invasions Tips

When you are carrying the primary objective of the mode which is to bank motes and wait for the boss, there will come a time when you have banked enough motes to open up a portal to the other team’s area.

Portals open at 25 motes, 50, and 75. This is where the real fun starts. If you are not winning, do not let the other one do so either. Disturb their attempts at succeeding and break their momentum.

Send your most experienced player as the Invader. Have him destroy the motes and with it the progress of the opposition.

Remember, you have 30 seconds each time you hop into their area, so make your decisions fast and kill faster.

You can also make life difficult for the opposition by erecting blockers. You get a higher level of blocker each time you bank 5 more motes.

At first level you the Taken Phalanx, at 10 motes you have Taken Knight and finally, at 15 motes you have Ogre.

A great strategy to perform is to send blockers to accompany your invader. So, if your team is carrying 25 Motes, they can deposit it and not only will it open up a portal.

It’ll also send several blockers, preventing the enemy team from quickly depositing their Motes as they try to defend themselves from the invader.

Try to save up till 25 Motes and perform this strategy for your invasion.

Always let your invader get the heavy ammo from the ammo boxes as it’s best suited for them.

If your team is being invaded, send the player with no Motes to fight the invader. You don’t really have to run away and hide from the invader, as they’re just a Guardian with an overshield who can see through walls.

However, if you’re carrying a bunch of Motes, it’s in your best interest to stay away from the invader and send the teammate with little to no Motes to fight them instead

When it comes to the boss fight itself, the Primeval phase, things become even more interesting. The portal exists there permanently now, and invasions are quite frequent.

Moreover, each mote destroyed or enemy player killed will result in their boss’ health to regenerate causing it harder for the opposition to bring it down.

However, it is highly recommended to perform such a feat when you are lagging behind in the boss fight.

Otherwise, if you are succeeding and on the last couple of hits, by all means, avoid invasions unless you want to lose the battle because of your over-cockiness.

For the defensive side, make sure you focus on taking out the Invader as soon as he appears. Yes, even the boss can wait if there is some work that needs to be done.

This is because the Invader, as discussed above, can cause the boss to regenerate its health. Do not stick too close as a team otherwise, you risk on getting blown up by a single rocket.

You can deal extra damage with some of the Supers like Nova Bomb and Golden Gun.

Lastly, it all comes to the score itself. The Invasions do not matter when you are on a solid lead of motes. Do not risk it. Things only get close and heated when both sides are in the Primeval phase.

Otherwise, stay to the safe side, play smartly to achieve victory in Destiny 2 Gambit mode.

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