Destiny 2 Forsaken Ace of Spades Guide

Destiny 2 Forsaken Ace of Spades Guide will help you with how to acquire the desired Exotic Hand Cannon along with how to repair it. Having the Ace of Spades repaired is a process that requires some dedication and work and that is where our Destiny 2 Forsaken Ace of Spades Guide comes in to help you.

Ace of Spades belonged to Cayde-6 before his death and Uldren Sov has taken the Hand Cannon with him. To get the Ace of Spades all you need to do is play the campaign and defeat Uldren Sov.

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades

When you will acquire the Ace of Spades, it will not be in a useable condition with it being damaged and all. However, this Exotic Hand Cannon can be repaired but requires a bit of work.

First thing for you to do is take Ace of Spades to Banshee-44 to repair it. However, he will ask you to gather Biorhythmic Data to repair the Ace of Spades and to gather the data you need to follow the following steps.

Invasion Kills Or Enemy Kills in Gambit

Players have to either get Invasion kills or can just settle for enemy kills in Gambit. Use any Hand Cannon that you have available to get these kills.

However, Invasion kills will have more wirght to them compared to enemy kills in the Gambit.

Kill 250 Enemies in Strikes

The next step required in order repairing the Ace of Spades, you need to kill 250 PvE enemies in Strikes only with a Hand Cannon. Any Hand Cannon can be used for this purpose.

25 Precision Kills in Crucible

The next step is to kill 25 players in Crucible with a precision shot and only with a Hand Cannon. However, given that Hand Cannon precision damaged has been buffed with Forsaken, achieving your target should be relatively easy.

Find Cayde Caches

The next step to gather the biorhythmic data is to obtain Cayde Caches scattered throughout the solar system. These caches will provide you with parts required to repair Ace of Spades. Much thanks to iParallaxed for finding these caches:

This one is found in Firebase Hades. You need to head to the second entrance found by teleporting from Sunken Isles.

You need to head over to Wraith Mines area in order to find it.

You need to fast travel to Exodus Black and turn right. Now head down the slope and past the teleporter. A little ahead, you will find the stash.

Tangled Shore
You need to head down south past the Jetsam and stick to the left-hand side in order to find it.

Ace in the Hole

Now you need to go back to Titan and complete the mission Ace in the Hole to acquire Cayde’s personal cache at the end.

Bring the Parts Back to Banshee-44

The last step to have Ace of Spades repaired is to bring all the data and the parts back to Banshee-44. He will now repair the Exotic Hand Cannon and will give it to you so you can use it.

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