The Walking Simulator is Coming to TGS 2018

As we head closer to TGS 2018, Kojima fans are interested in is to know if Death Stranding will be coming to the biggest gaming show in Japan. Thankfully, we now have news and it is official.

Kojima Productions recently took to the official Twitter account and has revealed that Death Stranding, is not only coming to Tokyo Games Show 2018 but it is bringing its cast along.

Yes, that is correct, the cast of the game will also be making its appearance at the game show. In fact, the developer confirmed that they will be hosting a stage presentation, scheduled for September 23rd with director Hideo Kojima. But don’t expect to see Norman Reedus at the event. According to Kojima Production, they are bringing the Japanese cast.

With that being said, of course, more speculations are bound to take place, so let us spare a few words on that as well. At the moment, all we know so far is the fact that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will be making an appearance at the game show. Now whether they will be showcasing any new footage or anything of that sort remains to be seen.

However, it would be a fair assumption if we say they will show new gameplay footage.

Our bets are that since the Japanese cast is making its way as well, we might see something that would concern or relate to the cast as well. Maybe new cast members coming on stage?

The last time we saw something big about this game was at E3 2018, among some many other focuses of Sony was Death Stranding. Now at E3, we were able to take a better look at the story and the character Norman Reedus, while getting some insights on the gameplay mechanics as well.

Now until this new news, most already assumed that we won’t be seeing anything, regarding this game before The Game Awards 2018. So for many, it is a reassurance and something to look forward to as well.

Although this speculation originates from a rumor, it does seem to reason. Back in August, we had a few rumors which suggested that there, might be a new trailer coming out in October. Provided those rumors were true, then perhaps at Tokyo Game Show 2018 that same trailer might be featured. Let us hope that is the case.