Valkyria Chronicles Switch Port Continues The Fight For Gallia On Nintendo

Sega’s landmark turn-based tactical game Valkyria Chronicles will be opening a new front in the fight to defend Gallia with a Valkyria Chronicles Switch port, which will be coming on October 16. The Switch marks the game’s most recent port a while after it’s been ported to the PC and Playstation 4.

Valkyria Chronicles tells the story of an alternate world where two international alliances, the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance, are locked in armed conflict. Between them is the neutral country of Gallia, which comes under assault from the Imperial Alliance due to its enormous deposits of ragnite, a powerful energy source.

Welkin Gunther, the son of a hero from a previous war, is conscripted into the country’s militia in order to assist in the fight against the Alliance, and with the help of a colorful cast of other characters of various unit types and their personal tank the Edelweiss, must fight to keep Gallia free. However, the Alliance has a secret weapon, a legendary Valkyria who is helping to lead the invasion.

The Valkyria Chronicles Switch port will be the second Valkyria Chronicles game to make it onto the console, after Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases on the console this month. Valkyria Chronicles, on the other hand, will release for the console in October, on October 16 to be precise. Fittingly enough, both games, though taking place in different locations, take place roughly around the same time.

Hopefully both games being on the Switch will end up getting good receptions, especially since Valkyria Chronicles is already a well-reviewed and well-loved game that many people enjoy. It’s Valkyria Chronicles 4 that needs to prove itself, after all.

So, if you don’t have Valkyria Chronicles on either the PC or the Playstation 4 by now (or if you do and just want a third version on the Switch) you can pick up the Valkyria Chronicles Switch port when it comes out on October 16, and maybe even by Valkyria Chronicles 4 when it comes out later this month.