PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update Released, Contains Improvements, Optimizations And Much More

The awaited PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update has been released by Bluehole and Microsoft that has brought in a lot of improvements and optimizations in various aspects of the game.

Just a little while back, Microsoft’s PUBG producer, Nico Bihary said on his Twitter account that the devs have been working, really hard on getting this PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update up and ready and finally the to release it is upon us.

Starting off, this new update for Xbox One brings in the new Snahok map with a new vehicle, new weapons, skins as well as a unique crate system and much more.

Apart from this new map, a lot of performance improvements have also been brought in, which include high textures and level streaming on Xbox One X.

The full patch notes of this PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update has been made available publically so you can also take a look at that. Other than that some of the major things which have been brought include, Gameplay improvements, Redzone, Bluezone, Spawn Balance, In-game lobby and some major bug fixes.

Coming back to the new weapons, they include, QBZ & QBU. QBZ is a new assault rifle that uses, 5.56 mm rounds and can hold up to about 30 rounds, in one magazine. The magazine can also be extended, to about 40 rounds.

While QBU is the new Sanhok exclusive DMR that has a standard magazine, with the capacity of 10 rounds which can also be extended to 20 mags.

The new vehicle is referred to as Rony, which is a pickup truck that will only be available in Sanhok. This truck has the capacity to hold 4 passengers and is able to move quickly across the hilly landscapes. Since the size of Rony is large, players can also use it for cover.

Other additions include a Weapon Skin System, Parachute Skin and as mentioned before a new crate system. Now, this new crate system means the most interesting thing, which every fan may have been waiting for, the new currency.

Yes, the new currency referred to as G-Coin has also been introduced. G-Coin is the hard currency that will coexist with the soft currency, BP. You can purchase G-Coin in the Microsoft Store.

With that being said, you can directly purchase cosmetics like skin sets, parachute skins and other items with G-Coin. So let us hope that this the feedback about this PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update, is as convincing as the patch notes suggest it to be.