Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Appears On PlayStation Store

The gaming community has been lit up after hearing that an HD version for PS4 could be offered in the coming days. This news only sparked due to an appearance being seen on the PlayStation Store of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. The role-playing game is an original mobile game but after seen the icon of the game on PS4, players have been calling for it widely. Perhaps after fully knowing the details of the Pocket Edition users want a new experience.

The cute characters of the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition are widely adored and now the little characters are being backed to make on the big screen by introducing versions of the game supported on consoles as well. As soon as the PS4 appearance of the poster was revealed the online Resetera forums have been stacked with discussions on the PS4 version of the RPG.

Similarly, the Twitter feed of the gaming community was also not quiet on the issue, however, also found the game’s PS4 version “leak” on PlayStation Store. The problem on the whole issue seems to be with clicking on the icon of the HD PS4 version for Final Fantasy XV. An error comes on the screen saying:

“The content cannot be selected at this time.”

Later the icon was supposedly removed by Sony for the right reasons because it showed up completely unannounced in the first place. Perhaps a PS4 version could finally be in play although the Game Director, Hajime Tabata has expressed his concerns of making a Nintendo Switch port for Final Fantasy XV after the announcement of the mobile version.