How To Access Battlefield V Beta On PS4, Xbox One, PC, Game Size And More

A lot of fans have been skeptical about Battlefield V getting delayed but the good news is that its Beta, is already available for preload. So perhaps after playing the Battlefield V Beta, we may have a better understanding on why the game has been delayed.

That said, this Battlefield V Beta includes two playable cards on two different modes, those interested can preload it as of now. For those who are not sure how to access this beta, then no need to worry. The procedure is pretty simple, be it for PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Before we move towards, on how to access the beta, let us spill some beans about what this beta will be bringing. Starting off this Battlefield V Beta will include Narvik maps in Grand Operations mode and Rotterdam Conquest mode. Additionally, it also includes 5 parts of a chapter from the “warpath” mode as well.

Moreover, the install size of this Battlefield V Beta is about 14.5GB, however, bear in mind that the size of this beta may vary based on different regions.

Apart from all that the summary of the scheduled dates, have been listed below.

  • Beta pre-releases: September 3rd (10:00 French time)
  • Early access to open beta: 4 September (10:00 French time)
  • Open Beta launches on: September 6 (10:00 French time)
  • Open Beta ends on: September 11 (16:00 French time)

Now moving on how to access Battlefield V Beta.

  • For PS4: Only those players who have already pre-ordered the title, will be able to access this beta in early access. Important notification: You do not require PlayStation Plus subscription to participate. Also, a simple connection will be enough.
  • For PC: You need to have Origin Access or Origin Access Premier subscription to be able to play this beta early.
  • For Xbox One: Those who have subscribed to EA access will have early access to this Battlefield V Beta. You also need Xbox Live Gold subscription to access early beta.

Having said that as soon as Battlefield V PS4 Open Beta hit the store, there has been quite an amount of hype bubbling up. However, based on a few claims, by those who have early access to Battlefield V Beta have also, reported some issues as well.

Some of the encountered issues include performance issue, radio control issue, players leaving squad as well as gadgets not being available. Making an early assessment, it seems like DICE wanted to test out the response to this beta before, they actually fix these issues in the final version.
Let us hope that is the case, otherwise, Battlefield V is already in deep waters.