Anthem Won’t Feature Full-Face Customization For Your Character

Bioware is known for developing engaging single-player RPGs in which players can completely customize their characters down to every detail. However, with Anthem Bioware is changing things up as players will not be able to customize their characters as they used to in previous games.

When asked about character customization over at Twitter, lead producer Michael Gamble noted that players will be able to select gender, voice, and face for their character in Anthem.

In a follow-up Tweet, Gamble added that players will probably not be able to fully customize the face for their character in the game. While Gamble didn’t say it outright but this reply indicates that Anthem will not feature full-face customization like Bioware’s previous titles.

The reason for not allowing full face custimization might be due to the fact that players will be wearing their Javelin suit for the majority of the game which leaves full-face customization somewhat pointless.

Speaking of Anthem, Bioware was also asked if the game will support real-time ray tracing for the Nvidia’s RTX GPUs. While Bioware wasn’t upfront about it but did say that the studio is still considering to support real-time ray tracing.

It is likely that the game will support real-time ray tracing since it uses Frostbite engine, the same engine for Battlefield V which also supports real-time ray tracing.

Furthermore, Bioware intends to expand the game post-launch but not all of the DLC will be paid as the studio has confirmed that all story DLC will be free for Anthem.

This is Bioware’s first attempt at a game based on the live service model for current-gen consoles which has fans worried that EA might have forced the studio to make Anthem a live service game.

However, according to the former narrative director at Bioware, the studio is working on Anthem off its own will. James Ohlen, noted that Anthem was not forced on Bioware by publisher EA.

I think one of the things about BioWare has been really good at it, which has allowed it to survive for more than two decades, is taking risks and trying new and different things.

Anthem is a multiplayer action-adventure game in development at Bioware and is scheduled to launch in February 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.