A Poll Conducted For Alpha Protocol Remastered Opens Its Possibility

The fans of this old action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Alpha Protocol may know this already but just in case if anyone is not aware, then this may of their interest. Apparently, an interesting poll is being conducted by a Twitter user which seeks to ask the fans, whether or not they would like to see an Alpha Protocol Remastered?

The poll is being conducted on Twitter, by a user who goes by the name @LimitedRunDoug. The poll has about 5 more days before it is concluded and it started just yesterday.

With just one day in, it has secured over 2,050 votes already, of which 82 percent seems to be a firm yes. Although, it would be a little too early to think that its a win for Alpha Protocol Remastered, however, based on the current stats, it does seem obvious that most of the fans are in for a remaster.

What is more interesting than this poll is the fact that Obsidian took to Twitter and has quoted this poll, giving more hype to this game. So as you can assume because of this, fans of Alpha Protocol are very much excited after this.

Having said that bear in mind that this, poll being conducted for Alpha Protocol Remastered is just a random attempt to get the idea of the audience. It is in no way a direct confirmation for an Alpha Protocol Remastered.

With that said, it is to be duly noted that the publisher of this title, Sega has had its fair share of remasters, some of them quite recent as well.

Like Vanquish as well as putting the Yakuza franchise back on the shelf and the most recent ones, Shenmue 1 and 2 on PS4 are some of the titles that have once again seen the daylight. So it does seem to reason that perhaps, provided this poll keeps this positive result, there just might be a possibility of Alpha Protocol Remastered.

Moreover, the efforts of Doug can also not be ignored, as it is to also be noted that he also helped secure a re-release of Night Trap. So considering this poll maintains the current tempo then, we can safely say that this Tweet has definitely opened a lot of possibility for this old title.

With all that said, most of the fans would agree to the fact that this Alpha Protocol, espionage-thriller had a lot of promise to it. Most still believe that this game should have done a lot better than it actually did. For those who have played, they are aware that Obsidian really brought in a compelling story, with a lot of interesting cast of characters.

So perhaps this may be a good time and a nice opportunity to see this game on the current gen consoles. That said, do not forget to cast your vote regarding, Alpha Protocol Remastered.