Finally Some Good News for Half Life 3 Fans

Among the most enjoyed and laughed at jokes in the gaming industry are the ones related to Half Life 3. And while we though Valve doesn’t pay attention to such jokes, they actually do. In fact, they have been enjoying them. The company stated that it finds these memes hilarious but that’s not the main story here.

While addressing the “memes,” Valve also announced that they will be putting the focus back on developing video games.

A programmer, Jeep Barnett, working on Valve’s next game, Artifact, said:

I think we’re very aware of all the jokes because all of us lurk all the forums and share them around with each other.

Now the reason, why this is interesting is the fact that until Artifact’s announcement most of the fans had already lost hope that Valve would ever work on a new game.

But things are changing and fact, the company is diving back into the gaming scenes with new projects. As expected, once the news broke many started hoping for Half Life 3.

Artifact’s programmer Brandon Reinhart said that it’s not like Valve has been sitting idle. For those who might have paid more attention, they would have seen that the company has been working on bringing in quite a lot of investment over the past few years; which has significantly helped them in improving customer service on Steam.

He also added that working on Steam was very much important and necessary.

We spent a lot of time improving customer service on Steam. That was a hard problem, and it took a bunch of people a bunch of time to work on

Well, no arguments there, the company has actually been working on Steam lately. Like launching a Steam TV Service or perhaps taking care of those cheaters by banning them is among the few improvements. You might have heard that Valve banned over 90,000 Steam accounts in just one week. And numerous UI changes are in the pipeline.

So while all that is impressive, fans are more concerned about Valve working in new games. Thankfully, the company now has the capacity to work on new games.

Now we’re in a place where we’re able to, as a company, invest and focus a lot more on games again. Reinhart said.

With all that said, even with a lot of desire for Half Live 3, Valve working on new games doesn’t mean another Half Life game is coming. At least that seems to be the case for now but considering Valve doesn’t seem to be ignoring the anticipation, perhaps, they have plans to work on it as well.

Let’s hope so.