Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5 to be Live Service Games

We all are aware of the evolution taking place in the gaming industry, one aspect that seems to be the major influencer, at least for EA is the games as a service model.

Rising subscription services, microtransactions seem to be the future of gaming. So BioWare is too very keen on fully adapting to “games as a service” business model for future Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

At the PAX West panel, the EA’s lead Producer Michael Gamble talked about the benefits of this model and while doing so shared an interest in bringing this model to Mass Effect 5 and Dragon Age 4.

If you remember back in the ancient times we released a game and that would the story for a set of characters, and we released DLC that enabled us to tell unique bits of story afterward. For Anthem, where we’d all like to see us head, is the ability to tell new great stories throughout the years, throughout the months after launch…We can do all that and Anthem gives us the tools to do all that. My point is that I hope that future games, whether it’s Dragon Age or the other one that starts with ‘Mass’, continues to utilize this kind of storytelling.

Speaking of Anthem, the game will feature a service-based model for multiplayer as well as the story mode.

According to BioWare, Anthem’s story mode has been developed in such a way that they will be able to expand it for years to come. In fact, BioWare added that this game is an evolution of storytelling.

Now put that into context, Michael Gamble is aware of the fact that Mass Effect Andromeda was pretty much a failure so the company’s focus on monetization rather than great storytelling and gameplay for Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5 is worrisome.

BioWare may not be able to survive another failure like Mass Effect Andromeda. In fact, there are reports of how the studio could be shut down in case Anthem fails.

But looking at Anthem, it feels more appealing compared Andromeda so we think it will at least break. But will that be enough for EA?