Anthem Story Mode Borrows The Tower From Destiny

If there is something that BioWare is confident about, it is the Anthem story mode. As you are aware that the devs have been rolling out quite a lot of details regarding the story mode lately so they have yet again shed light on the aspect of single player story decision making in Anthem.

At the PAX West panel, Bioware revealed that the most important single-player story decisions will unfold in Fort Tarsis, which is the game’s hub world.

The devs revealed that the players will get to interact with various characters and their storylines in the game’s hub. How you interact with other characters will define your relationships with them.

Moreover, those decisions made in the hub, Tarsis, will have branching narratives and experiences; the kind that the fans can expect from BioWare. Adding more to the info, Tarsis is also the place, where players will be picking up game missions.

It is safe to say that the story and missions of the game will revolve around Tarsis. It seems that the idea is taken from Destiny’s Tower.

BioWare intends is to create a rich world, full of various character and intense role-playing opportunities. But there is also a lot of skepticism about Anthem story mode due to how Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda were handled.

However, according to the devs, Anthem storytelling is an evolution that will set out a new path for years to come in the gaming industry.

Be that as it may, even though Anthem may be one of the most anticipated titles in the works some fans consider it to be the brainchild of EA, not BioWare, created to compete with Destiny and The Division.

They seem to think that if that is the case then, assuming this game does not turn out to be successful, it will then fall heavy on BioWare. To which the devs have assured that even if Anthem turns out to not be a success, the studio will not shut down.

So that may be a relief to those who have their fingers crossed, with this game.