Anthem Demo is Exclusive to Origin Premier Members

The upcoming multiplayer game “Anthem” is getting a demo from Bioware. In the gaming industry of today, demo’s have become uncommon but BioWare is going for it so the Anthem demo is expected to come out for all of its PS4, Xbox One, and PC users on 1 February 2019.

The Anthem demo is not going to be the typical preview of the game rather, it will feature the full-game elements so that players can get to know the real essence of the RPG.

Bioware is committed to sharing the action of Anthem with the gaming community to give a peek into the story and the world of Anthem.

However, not everyone will get to experience BioWare’s new open-world RPG. According to EA, the demo is exclusive to Access members of PC and consoles, however, you can also pre-order to get access. This may not sit well with those already skeptical of Anthem.

The main focus is going to be the story and gameplay mechanics to give players a taste of things to come.

Bioware’s decision for the Anthem demo seems like a surprising move as this might support them in crawling out of the misfortunes faced with Mass Effect Andromeda.

EA would also be looking on to wash off the stains from the Mass Effect Andromeda with the release of Anthem. Hopefully, they would succeed.

Bioware has a lot to prove with the Anthem in terms of story mode as the developers have previously been known for RPG elements deeply rooted in the stories they develop. But Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda lacked a strong narrative.

Bioware claims to have an ever-expanding story mode for Anthem and addition to that, they also believe Anthem to be a storytelling evolution.

But releasing the demo so close to release won’t give developers time to gather feedback from the community. In case, there are issues that need to be addressed, BioWare won’t have time.