Jacksonville Shooting Lawsuit Comes To EA And Venue From Victim

A victim of the Jacksonville shooting last week has now launched a Jacksonville shooting lawsuit against both Electronic Arts and the venue that the event was held in. The lawsuit is due to the venue and EA failing to provide a safe and secure venue to hold the event in.

The shooting, which took place last weekend at a qualifying Madden NFL 19 tournament, happened when a participant who was upset about losing pulled a gun and began firing into the crowd. Eight people were injured and three, which includes the shooter, died at the scene. The shooting has since sparked debate on the security used at esports events and how the shooter could have snuck his gun inside, to say nothing of the Jacksonville shooting lawsuit itself.

The plaintiff, Jacob Mitich, was shot twice during the shooting. EA has cancelled the qualifying tournaments that would have come after the event where the shooting happened, and announced that it would be donating a million dollars to the victims of the shooting. However, for Mitich, that’s not enough.

Esports gaming in general is seen to be a fairly toxic and volatile kind of sport, as many players can end up being sore losers that cause controversy with their reactions. However, someone deciding that the best way to handle that is to whip out a gun and start shooting is something very new, and points out that a number of problems are still going to be plaguing the esports scene.

While huge esports events like EVO and other tournaments already have security, the fact that a huge number of people were allowed to crowd into the Madden tournament venue with apparently no one handling security or searching people is definitely a large oversight.

Exactly how the Jacksonville shooting lawsuit will pan out remains to be seen, but hopefully even if it fails it will still draw out some sort of change in security at smaller esports events to prevent something like this from happening again.