God of War Dev Has Sensational Plans For Superman Video Game

The PAX event is currently underway and just yesterday, panels started to discuss “The Quest for the Perfect Superman Game”. Among so many acclaimed personalities was none other than the director of God Of War, Cory Barlog. A separate section included each panelist to pitch in their idea for an original Superman Video Game.

As you can guess, the pitch by Cory Barlog was something that seems to show a lot of challenge, passion, love, and hard work.

When it was Barlog’s turn, he did not have only one pitch but he had three ideas for a Superman video game. However, he only discussed the third pitch in detail one and it really captivated the audience.

The first idea that Cory Barlog suggested for a Superman Video Game was of playing an older Superman, the second pitch was a persona inspired by the Smallville TV series.

This pitch involved, featuring young Clark Kent trying to grip the emerging superpowers all the while struggling to figure out hiding his abilities from his friends.

However, the third pitch is something we can only expect from someone who directed God Of War. Here Cory Barlog shared that focusing on exploring “the psychology of what it’s like to be the person who can’t save everybody.”

Furthermore, he added, as the game will progress Superman will save more people and become more famous. a true Hero in other words. However,  cries for help will soon become overwhelming to such a level that it will literally become unmanageable.

It seems like Barlog has quite a lot of interest meddling with the psychology of its characters. He said that there would be such moments where Superman would find himself in a dilemma, where he would be stuck in deciding who to save as countless are in trouble.

Barlog added that for a specific time he would be stuck is where “it really starts to unravel”

There has not been much success in making Superman Video Game. And developers now try to stay away from this project. But rumors say Batman Arkham creators, Rocksteady, is working on a new Superman video game.