Signature FIFA 19 Skill Moves Revealed By Youtuber Through Tutorials

When it comes to the FIFA franchise and other football titles, if you are not a smashing buttons kind of player, you’ll have to memorize certain moves and perform them to perfection. Here are some signature FIFA 19 Skill Moves that you can learn now and master your performance when the game releases next month.

Over the past days, The EA Game Changer has revealed six new FIFA 19 Skill Moves that have been later taken by Youtuber Kazooie94 and been turned into in-depth step by step tutorial videos. Neymar’s Rainbow Flick, the knee juggling and more are included. Here’s how to perform the revealed FIFA 19 Skill Moves, as reported by

1. La Croqueta

How to do it: Hold L1/LB and flick the right stick left or right. Watch it here on the video tutorial.

2. Neymar Rainbow Flick

How to do it: Move the right stick down and flick it up twice (Neymar only). Watch it’s tutorial here.

3. Knee juggling

How it’s done: Press the right stick repeatedly. Watch it’s tutorial here.

4. Ball roll sombrero flick

How to do it: Flick the right stick left or right and then press it in (5-star skillers only). Watch it’s tutorial here.

5. Three-touch roulette

How to do it: When you’re moving, hold L2/LR, then flick the Right Stick back, then left or right. (4-star skill and above). Watch it’s tutorial here.

6. Disguise Trap (Spin Turn & First Touch)

How to do it: For the Spin Turn, hold RB and then hold the Left Stick left or right depending on where you want to turn to when the ball falls to your feet. For the first touch, hold RB and then hold  the Left Stick towards the incoming ball direction. Watch it here on the video tutorial.

FIFA 19 is a soccer simulator in development at EA Sports for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and is scheduled to launch on September 26, 2018. If you are living in Europe, check out those new PlayStation 4 bundles featuring FIFA 19.