Players Claim That Marvel’s Spider-Man Has Been Downgraded Since 2017, Devs Deny It

Marvel’s Spider-Man is releasing in a few days and it bears a whole lot of expectations from fans. Many believe that the upcoming superhero title will be the next big hit for PlayStation 4, however, fans have been taking over social media over the last couple of days to “protest” about the game being downgraded due to the lack of… puddles.

That’s right. Players claim (and they are actually true on that) that in the first trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man back in 2017, there was a scene where a large puddle could be seen. The puddle itself caught the eyes of the watchers since it reflected light perfectly and it showed just how much care has been put into the project.

What’s interesting is that the same scene can be seen in the latest video for Marvel’s Spider-Man and the puddle is nowhere to be found. Players claim that Insomniac Games has downgraded the game silently, resulting to a flatter and less reflecting image. On its part, Insomniac denies that this is happening.

James Stevenson, community manager at Insomniac Games has also ensured that this won’t be an issue in Marvel’s Spider-Man:

I told you the puddle was moved. That isn’t the issue. Shadows move to when you change the lighting. As does what detail appears. And compression does crush fine detail. The suit texture appears no problem on the TV, but is lost by video compression

Undeniably, a bunch of unsatisfied fans on the Internet can’t be enough to destroy Marvel’s Spider-Man reputation. If a downgrade did actually happen then it shall be a slight one, barely noticeable even in such a huge world so there’s no need for people to be holding pre-orders back due to a rumor.

Marvel’s Spider-Man releases on September 7 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.