No Man’s Sky Gets Its First Community Event in Years

No Man’s Sky developers are looking in no mood to slow down the community engagement. The team has launched the first season of what will be a series of community events accompanied with regular content updates.

The development update for No Man’s Sky was announced on the official website of the game. Furthermore, Hello Games have assured that more free content updates are to be expected in the community event in the coming weeks. Eventually, the trend of community events in No Man’s Sky will “grow in functionality”. For instance, the list of items will expectedly grow to be 50 plus.

For now, the community event focuses on a robot NPC named Specialist Polo for whom players are supposed to be gathering items. In return for the collected “strange objects”, Polo pays in Quicksilver currency.

This newly introduced currency will be helpful in acquiring further items such as new base parts, decals, and options to customize characters. Images of the bug-eyed robot and the “Mind Blown” emote can be viewed on the development update on the official website.

The currently released community event is based on “an undetected iteration of the universe” identified Specialist Polo’s monitoring equipment. Polo along with Priest Entity Nada has broadcasted an assistance request calling out explorers starting from 30 August. The call is for explorers who were successful in the first Space Anomaly mission.

Hello Games acknowledged that the positive feedback has been the stimulus for No Man’s Sky to get its first community event. Moreover, Hello Games appreciated the digital and traditional fan art of the game under the Community Spotlight heading. Additionally, an incredible Lego work of a certain player was also well-received. In this regard, the developer’s favorite scenic screenshots of players were also shared.

Sean Murray has previously admitted that the game wasn’t indeed deep enough. Moreover, the major bugs in the game started to get on the nerves of the fans.

Finally, Murray stepped out of hiding to talk about on the future challenges that came with rectifying the issues.