BioWare Says Anthem Is An Evolution Of Current Storytelling Craft, Not The End

A lot of BioWare fans have proven skeptical about the company’s upcoming game Anthem, which has multiple Destiny or The Division parallels and are afraid that it will mean the end of the company’s masterfully told RPGs that made them famous. However, BioWare says Anthem is an evolution, not the end.

Anthem takes place on a world where humanity inhabits a single city, besieged on all sides by a number of threats. The only people who are able to leave the city and go outside its walls are Freelancers, who fly into battle in Iron Man-style power armor suits called Javelins. There’s a wide variety of enemies to fight, and the game looks amazing graphically, but there are a lot of skeptics among the BioWare fanbase.

Considering BioWare’s previous failure with Mass Effect Andromeda and EA’s fiasco with the Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions, a lot of BioWare fans are worried that Anthem will be the death knell of the RPGs that BioWare became so well-known for. Knights of the Old Republic, the original Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age, along with the Baldur’s Gate games, are some of their best known works.

But fans are worried that, even with BioWare saying that their work on Anthem is an evolution of their normal work, EA will ruin the game somehow and use that excuse to pull a Visceral, shutting down a studio with a history of good games because “gamers don’t want it”. While BioWare has also said this isn’t the case, many are still skeptical.

We’ve seen a good bit of Anthem gameplay at two E3s since it was first announced, but until we can actually get our hands on it there’s no telling how good the game will actually be. While it will hopefully be very good if BioWare has their A-team on it (unlike Mass Effect Andromeda), we’ll just have to see if Anthem is an evolution for ourselves. Anthem will be releasing on February 22 of 2019 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.