PUBG Xbox 1.0 Update To Bring A New Currency

Just recently PUBG Corp. has unveiled a new feature that will be joining us in the upcoming PUBG Xbox 1.0 Update.

This new feature is a new currency, referred to as G-Coin. The announcement about this new currency joining Playerunknown’s Battleground in it upcoming PUBG Xbox 1.0 Update, was made this Wednesday.

As soon as the announcement was made, this new currency G-Coin was made available on the Public Test Servers. Moreover, G-Coin will continue to coexist with BP in a form of hard currency, to BP’s existing soft currency.

Now as you may already be aware of the fact that BP can be earned as an in-game reward, this new currency can only be purchased with the real world currency.

Adding to the information, this new currency will be available on the test servers until September 4. Interestingly with these G-Coins, you will be able to purchase Event Pass: Sanhok as well as skins. However, you will not be able to purchase crates with G-Coins, for crates you will only be using BP.

Keeping all this into context, there is one thing that is pretty obvious and that is the fact that PUBG Corp. is working really hard to make this successful game, even more, successful by not only expanding it, like bringing it on mobile devices but also, by developing a platform to address the issues faced by the community.

As you might have heard that the company has launched the FIX PUBG Campaign, a website that is dedicated to only address issues, faced by the PUBG community.

That said, in the recently released Gamescom trailer for Playerunknown’s Battleground, it seems to have been pointed out that a PS4 Version of PUBG, is seemingly on its way. Apart from that a few other leaks, also seem to suggest that it might be the case.

So provided it turns out to be true, and this PUBG Xbox 1.0 Update new feature is able to play out smoothly, then definitely PUBG will be like a Godfather of the online gaming industry.