While Video Games Can Pay For Education, Others Are Working To Dismantle The Opportunity

There is a long list of tragic incidents that seem have taken place in the US, among youngsters. Those incidents primarily involve shootouts, in which a student has been in the possession of guns. Like the recent Jacksonville Shooting in which a 22-year-old boy lijah Clayton was shot dead. While it is pretty convenient to point fingers at Video Games, it is high time that we look at the real picture.

We all are aware of this tragic incident but what most of us may not be aware of, would be the fact that this young 22-year-old professional video game player has actually, been saving up the winnings in order to pay for college.

So while, as always the lawmakers and the authorities use video games as a scapegoat to cover up their mismanagement, the video game industry tries to create more, creative and financial opportunities for students.

Video Games

When Florida school shooting took place, Kentucky Governor blamed video games or when Santa Fe Shooting took place, Texas Lt. Gov held video games responsible for such tragedy. Of course when lawmakers at the lower piers blame video games then why wouldn’t President Trump right?

Well, he did, in fact following the Florida incident Trump officially declared Video Games to be responsible for the real-life violence. That same platform which lijah Clayton was using, to save up for his college tuition.

So what this tells us is that while the lawmakers, the government officials blame video games to incite violence, they are on purpose leaving some major aspects the gun laws and the mental health of the suspects, for both of which the sate is solely responsible.

At this very moment, there is no solid evidence which proves that what Trump or anyone else, with the same claim that video games are responsible for the real-life violence.

Adding to the notion at hand, there have been multiple studies which have concluded that these electronic game are not the reason for real-life crime or violenceĀ if guns are not.

Now let us move towards the reason, why the authorities are scape-goating these games. Well for starters, the National Rifle Association aka the gun lobby in the US, is about 145 years old and all the while it may not be a huge spender but when it comes, they are huge influencers and can certainly make Washington listen.

Be that as it may, let it be known that there is a large majority of people who support gun control, however, the US Congress has always failed to implement such laws. Ever wonder why?

Something to consider here is also the fact that the violent nature of humans, has a lot to do here as well. Rather thanĀ the aesthetics that may serve as the tool. Perhaps that is why there are laws. We have to understand that Violent Video Games are not violent we are.

With a broken heart, it is to say that for as long as NRA keeps on influencing politics, such tragedies will continue to happen and innocent students like lijah Clayton, who was trying to save for his tuition fee, through video game tournaments, will never get justice.