Treyarch Will Be Putting Black Ops 4 Signature Weapons Into The Game

Treyarch will apparently be putting Call of Duty Black Ops 4 signature weapons in the game’s multiplayer mode, allowing you to grab certain weapons that have special challenges. These weapons, while not possessing any amazing stats, will get you new customization options like skins for other weapons, and include masterwork weapons.

The Signature Weapons look like the ultimate version of these various weapons, and there is one signature weapon of each type of gun. Each of these Black Ops 4 signature weapons come with multiple challenges as stated above, and each completed challenge will still get you a cosmetic reward, and completing thef inal challenge will get you a Masterwork weapon as a final reward.

Since the signature weapons don’t really have any stat bonuses over other weapons, if you do go through all of the challenges for each signature weapon in order to get the Masterwork version of that particular weapon, you’re likely more dedicated than most players and are completing each challenge for bragging rights.

Considering that a lot of die-hard Call of Duty fans like to play the multiplayer non-stop both to get achievements and reach their maximum prestige level, it’s likely that even if they don’t have any sort of advantage over the regular guns that players will still do all of their challenges.

Treyarch calls the weapons the ultimate badge of honor for players who are dedicated enough to complete every challenge, and considering all of the DLC maps and zombie modes that normally come out with a Call of Duty game, this is more and more likely to happen. What might help players along even more is the fact that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is entirely multiplayer-focused, with a Battle Royale mode, Zombies mode, and regular multiplayer.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 signature weapons will be coming out along with the game when it releases on October 12 of this year.