Rage 2 On Switch Is Still In Deep Waters, Pete Hines Says

It seems like Bethesda is going all in with their amazing titles like Fallout 76, Doom Eternal and above all Rage 2. Now we all know the level of excitement among fans, especially for Rage 2. However, what fans would really like to see is Rage 2 On Switch console. Which apparently seems like a long shot, even now.

Now at this year’s Gamescom, Studio director Tim Willits said what he said before about Rage 2 On Switch. He still persisted on his statement that the Switch version of this game is still being worked on.

However, Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pete Hines shed light on few things that seem to be troublesome for this possibility to actually become a reality.

He said that although Rage 2 On Switch console is being worked on, there are some key differences of the game to that of the console, which apparently are making it quite difficult to port. Comparing with other titles, like Doom, Wolf, and Doom Eternal he shared that there is a lot of difference in the engine and the tech for Rage 2.

We’ve talked about it, but it’s a completely different engine and tech. The nice thing about Doom, Wolf, and Doom Eternal is it all uses id Tech, Rage 2 uses Avalanche‘s engine, so it’s a different beast in terms of a seamless open world that you can play like that. We’ve talked about it some. Still uncertain whether that could ever work on the Switch.

Furthermore, he also explained how Bethesda’s previous games too were not a proper fit or a port for Nintendo. Which seems to point out that perhaps the studio is having second thoughts regarding the port of Rage 2 On Switch.

So at this point, possibility of this is still not out of the woods. Which also does not mean that they have given up on it. This was just an honest information share by Hines to let the fans know that the studio is working pretty hard on it.

Now we all are aware of the fact that Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus both are pretty heavy games but Panic Button has been successful enough to get them working on Nintendo Switch console.

So that adds to the possibility that perhaps Bethesda will also be able to execute it. Although at this moment they are just looking at the compatibility of how they can bring Rage 2 On Switch.