Gran Turismo Sport August Update Brings New Content

The latest update for Gran Turismo Sport is now available to download for the players. The game designer, Kazunori Yamauchi revealed through PlayStation blog posts that the August update for GT Sport will be rolling out from today. The new update brings with it some tremendous additions to the content of Gran Turismo Sport.

The garage of GT Sport has been given fresh vehicles for the users to play with. A total of eight cars have been introduced in the racing cars collection of Gran Turismo Sport.

Ford Mark IV Race Car ’67 is one of these new beauties of the game. Whereas, Shelby Cobra Daytona CoupĂ© ’64 and Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo have also been introduced in the August update for the racing video game.

Two Abarth models called Abarth 500 ’09 and Abarth 1500 Biposto also featured in the fresh collection of cars. Furthermore, the Volkswagen 1200 ’66 and Mini-Cooper ‘S’ ’65 will also be gracing the screens of the Gran Turismo Sport players. Bertone BAT 1 ’52 and Lancia DELTA HF Integrale Evolution ’91 will also be seen performing in the game.

Moreover, a new track has also been added in the 1.25 update called the Red Bull Ring. The track has been described by Polyphony Digital on the blog post as:

Located in the wonderful landscape of Styria in Austria, the Red Bull Ring is an intense high-speed circuit that combines tight turns and long flat straights. While the layout of the route appears simple, its hilly topography makes it much more challenging than it initially appears. Both the complete path and a short version have been included.

Other than these additions, new Gran Turismo League Events are also being offered by the developers. Three challenges are introduced in the latest update. First one is a Beginners League called Beetle & Samba Bus Party, while the Amateur and Professional Leagues are named Group 3 Cup and Nostalgia 1979, respectively.

Users of Grand Turismo Sport are now also enabled to see their previous league rankings in the Archive mode. This will help players in evaluating and examining the network quality as well. The Zagato Museum is also open for exploration to the players. Moreover, the Scapes mode has got a specially added section for Cuba.

Saint-Croix circuit has been added to the Gran Turismo Sport Circuit Experience too.

In other news, GT Sport has been dubbed as a racing game more close to reality than ever. Devs have spent countless our perfecting the experience and do not plan to overshadow it with shady microtransactions.