Yet Another Feature Wont Be Joining Battlefield V At Launch

Fans all over the globe are trying to understand, what EA DICE is up to. Now while there is a lot of anticipation for the game, provided the fact that the game is approaching its release fastly. It seems to be that the devs are trying to experiment with this upcoming game or its launch. Apparently, there is yet another feature that won’t be joining Battlefield V at Launch.

The feature that won’t be joining Battlefield V At Launch is a Co-Op Mode known as Combined Arms. This news became known when a Twitter user spotted, Combined Arms sated as coming after launch, on the official website of Battlefield V.

This news should not come as much of a surprise since this is not the first and not the only feature that won’t be joining, Battlefield V At Launch.

Earlier this month, EA DICE also disappointed the fans with the news of vehicle customization not joining the game at launch.

Now, this might not have been a bummer but what really seems to have shaken the audience, is the fact that Battle Royale version of the game, will also not be joining us at launch. At first, when EA showed the first look at Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode, everyone had really high hopes.

Fans had been patiently waiting for that battle royale, unfortunately, that too joined the not available at launch section. In fact, we also came to know that DICE is not the studio developing Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode, so it not being available at launch, seems to make sense.

With all that said and done, what most of the Battlefield V fans are not able to contemplate is the fact that what is EA DICE up to? What is their target? If half of the interesting stuff, which they have promised won’t be joining Battlefield V At Launch, then what is the use.

We already are aware of the fact that Battlefield V pre-order is also not doing as expected. In fact, there have been various studies, based on these pre-order stats that seem to suggest, Battlefield V to suffer because of being rolled out in between big titles.

According to the famous analyst at Piper Jaffray, based on the pre-order stats it seems like Black Ops 4 will outsell not only Red Dead Redemption 2 but Battlefield V as well.

Now while you let that sink in, another popular video game industry analyst, Mat Pistacella seems to make a claim that Red Dead Redemption 2 to outsell Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V.

So what we can deduce from all this is that if such features won’t be joining, Battlefield V At Launch then these predictions may turn out to be true.