First Wave of Exclusives Crucial for Xbox Scarlet and PS5, Dev

PS5 and Xbox Scarlet (codename for the next Xbox console) would need a beefy first wave of exclusives, according to RIDE 3 developers. In a recent interview, RIDE 3 developer Milestone stated that first wave of exclusives as well as launch window is going to be crucial for both machines.

Sony and Microsoft both are keeping their cards close to the chests for now. However, next year at E3 we may at least be teased by both companies.

There’s a lot of curiosity. The mid-generation consoles have heated expectations, sure we’ll have mandatory 4K HDR, easier to achieve 60 FPS with more power available, but also what are Microsoft and Sony going to do about VR? And it’s not only about the hardware, but also cross-platform play, new ways to share content and experiences: the trends are already evident but how will they take the challenge? Even timing will be more important then ever, and first-wave exclusives too. It’s going to be a fantastic Ride.

PS5 and Xbox Scarlet both are at least two years away even when we are 5-years into this console generation. Thanks to mid-gen console upgrades, both companies pushed their next-gen consoles further into the future. There is plenty of life left in PS4 at least, major games are heading to the platform this year and the next.

Moreover, PS5 and Xbox Scarlet will deliver better performance, VR integration, and memory, according to the Cheif Executive Officer of Weltenbauer, Rene Nold.

More performance, more memory, faster loading times. Maybe some exciting new operating concepts. Who knows? Maybe there is even something which can be used or adapted especially well for simulation games which are often extremely complex when it comes to vehicle controls. I also hope that VR will be on board. VR is an exciting thing for sure – also for the genre of simulation games. We are curious to see what will happen!

Hardware upgrades are a given but just how much performance should we expect? It is believed that 4K 60FPS is going to be standard in the next console generation.

Source: Gamingbolt