Destiny 2 Update Enables 8 Player Fireteams, What’s Next?

Bungie has just released the 2.0 update for Destiny 2 and the players could not be more thrilled than today. The extensive content update was keenly observed by users to layer out every feature that has been introduced. A major addition to the features of Destiny 2 is the capacity to have 8-Player Fireteams.

Earlier, fireteams were was confined to a limited number of 5 members whenever entering any destination, for instance, the Tower. The release of Forsaken is ready to set new measures for such situations in Destiny 2. However, this could also turn out to be a mere test run for now.

This does not put bigger fireteams in Destiny 2 totally out of the question. This update means that Bungie has finally decided to listen to the demand of increasing fireteam members. Such a feature would enable gamers to load onto destinations in greater numbers in efforts of accomplishing things like Flashpoints, Escalation Protocol, and Public Events. Right now we are hoping Bungie works out a long-term solution to the issue in light of the current 8-payer fireteams.

The need for bigger fireteams in Destiny 2 was highlighted back when Escalation Protocol mode and Warmind DLC came out. When Escalation Protocol called for bigger fireteams, Bungie instead decided to nerf the difficulty of the Destiny 2 mode.

Besides, players can now showcase Titles along with their usernames in Destiny 2 Forsaken. A Title system is also expected in Destiny 2. For instance, if a player collects all the lore in the shooter video game, the Chronicler Title is awarded to the player.

Furthermore, a content roadmap accompanied by a new ViDOC was also revealed later on by the Destiny 2 developers. The content update is supposed to be a step forward by Bungie to facilitate the users by meeting their needs and listening to their demands. Here’s hoping a larger fireteam will be offered to explore the discover the deeply detailed Dreaming City. Perhaps, the enhanced fireteams will be tested at the Blind Well.

Dreaming City was revealed in a fresh trailer for Destiny 2 Forsaken. The overall addition made in the game look impressive enough to cash in for the efforts put in by Bungie. On the other hand, the Forsaken update is not expected to have heroic strikes and prestige nightfalls, if you were wondering.

Nonetheless, Bungie has strongly expressed that Forsaken update for the game is going to be according to the demands that have been put forward by the fans.