Destiny 2 Fans Uncover What The Darkness Really Is

Destiny 2 have data mined a lore card that mentions information regarding the Darkness. This information has been found in one of the Drifter cards and if you do not already know who this is then let me tell you that this is a new character that will be part of the upcoming DLC. If you do not want spoilers then you should turn away right now. Being a fan of Destiny 2 I do not want to spoil the lore of the game for you.

It has been highlighted that the Drifter was visiting a planet where he found a part of the Darkness so he might know a thing or two about it. The data-mined text is as follows:

During our long stay on that planet, we found many of those monoliths, each with their own captured creature.

Anyway, this thing – the creature – looked like it shared common bioenergetics with the Hive, but there were no records then or since that I’ve ever seen of Humanity’s encounters with them. And the creature had a property the Hive did not have. It produced a field that repressed Light – like a Darkness Zone, but contained to a gooey, vacuous form with no head.

The Destiny 2 entry further mentions something that was able to keep a Ghost from resurrecting a guardian. I think that only the Darkness or something similar would have that kind of ability. The text mentions the following:

My crew and I quickly learned that the creatures in the monolith facilities were not the only ones on that damn rock. Plenty of ’em roaming around out in the wild-where it was cold, but less cold than the frozen cages with the monoliths.

How’d we find out? Well, one of us died in our sleep. Not that uncommon or tragic, actually. Happened a lot. Cold out there.

Except this time, that fella’s Ghost couldn’t resurrect him. Turns out one’a those creatures just slithered by, and close proximity to it from inside our shelter just… silenced that poor bastard’s Light.

Fans believe that the Drifter has a big role to play in Destiny 2 lore and that he might have fought the Darkness as well. The following is an image of might be the Drifter carrying a piece of the Darkness.

Destiny 2

We have also seen an entry in Cayde-6’s journal that indicates a being that could be influenced by the darkness as well. While these are all hints from bits and pieces, it is safe to say that we are getting a step closer to figuring out the truth about what the Darkness is. You can check out the entry that Cayde-6 has made in the image below:

Destiny 2

Another image has also been spotted that might hint towards the darkness. If you look at the figure below and focus on the image on the far right you will see something that resembles the Traveler but it is in Black.

Destiny 2

Let us know what you think about this part of the Destiny 2 lore and whether or not you will play the Forsaken DLC when it comes out in a few days.