Cosmic Star Heroine Developers Reveal “Frustrating” Nintendo Switch Experience

The Nintendo Switch console is known to go around well with the indie games category. Since the launch of the console, we have seen plenty of developers patching up with Nintendo for a Switch port of their indie games. However, one particular studio called Zeboyd Games didn’t seem to have that much fun working with Nintendo Switch team on Cosmic Star Heroine’s port.

Robert Boyd, the co-owner of the studio which developed Cosmic Star Heroine shared the experience of working with the Switch console team in terms of promoting the Nintendo version of their game. His views were shared on ResetEra, where he personally participated in a discussion regarding this matter. Boyd was assertive about the lack of support shown by the Nintendo Switch authorities. He expressed that Nintendo displayed a rather poor taste of trust in Zeboyd Games:

“We got an okay number of reviews, but yeah, we couldn’t get Nintendo to mention the game anywhere. Real shame since even a retweet from Nintendo probably would have given us a big boost in visibility. I get that it was just a port, but after spending months getting stonewalled by Nintendo when we were trying to get permission to release on Switch, going “fine, we’ll play by your rules” and getting a publisher so we could get approved, and still getting ignored by Nintendo when the game was done and set to release is highly frustrating.”

Week in week out, numerous games are published on the Nintendo Switch eShop. No less than 10 or 20 games were seen launched at the digital shop of the Switch console, available to play on the system. We have only seen positive feedback mostly from the developers of such indie games.

On the other hand, Robert Boyd readily puts the blame on the Nintendo team’s lack of interest in their game and how they could’ve contributed to the good performance of Cosmic Star Heroine in the Nintendo Switch market:

“It’s a good game and I daresay a good percent of those million+ people who bought Octopath Traveler would like our game if they knew it existed. We couldn’t even get somebody to fix our store page before launch (which never indicated that the game had a preorder/early purchase sale and until just recently, didn’t even have our trailer on it) and the page went up about a month before launch so there was plenty of time.”

Cosmic Star Heroine came out as a Sci-Fi Indie game on previously Xbox One as well but developers have only complained about their Nintendo Switch port’s performance.

Source: NintendoLife