Call Of Duty: WW2 Zombies Frozen Dawn Pack-A-Punch Guide

In our Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies Frozen Dawn Pack-a-Punch Guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about finding and activating the Pack-a-Punch (Ubersprengen) in the latest DLC for WWII.

Having been an important aspect in the zombies maps for a long time, the Pack-a-Punch allows you to upgrade your weapons and usually plays a significant role in the completion of the map’s elaborate Easter Egg.

WW2 Zombies Frozen Dawn Pack-a-Punch

Almost every zombies map featured in the earlier iteration of Call of Duty games had their own distinct ways of unlocking the Pack-a-Punch.

In Call of Duty: WW2 Frozen Dawn, you are required to make extensive use of the map’s Fast Travel system. Read on to learn all you need to know about activating WW2 Zombies Frozen Dawn Pack-a-Punch.

As mentioned earlier, activating the Pack-a-Punch plays a significant role in the completion of the Easter Egg. We will have a detailed guide on the completion of the EE soon. Be sure to stay tuned!

Finding the Pack-a-Punch

From the starting Spawn Room, head down the corridor towards your left-hand side. Walk towards the right-hand side corner and you should see some gyroscopes in the distance.

You need to head down the stairs and head left followed by another left.

A little ahead, you should see the first Teleporter on the right-hand side. In order to activate it, you need to have 250 Jolts and hit the brick (with the red marks) right in front of it.

Once the door closes, the Teleporter will get filled with blood and you will be teleported to a new area.

Once in the new area, you will need to eliminate a bunch of zombies (around 8-9). You should also notice the Pack-a-Punch inside a pool of blood right in the middle of the area. In order to use it, what we need to do is to make it rise.

Once you are done killing the zombies, you will be teleported back on the map with a couple of Sizzlers near your location.

You need to eliminate these Sizzlers and pay 750 Jolts to activate the second Teleporter. Once again, you will have to kill around 8-10 zombies in the Pack-a-Punch area.

You will also notice the Pack-a-Punch rise a little. After you get teleported to the map, eliminate two Sizzlers to re-activate the final Teleporter – this time costing 1,250 Jolts.

Similar to the first two times, you will need to kill zombies and Pack-a-Punch will become available to use.

You need to have 5,000 Jolts in order to Pack-a-Punch a weapon. Doing so will allow you to have increased ammo/damage.

This is all we have in our Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies Frozen Dawn Pack-a-Punch Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!