Are They Finally Porting PUBG For PS4? Proof Exists

One of the biggest anticipations Battle Royale fans have is PUBG on PS4 and while there isn’t an announcement for the time being, it seems perhaps PUBG just might be coming to PS4 sooner than we think.

Some of the fans were able to spot a PS4 on a developer’s desk in the recently released Gamescom special Inside Xbox episode video by Microsoft. This suggests that PUBG might be coming to PS4 soon, or at least an announcement.

Now before we speculate any further, bear in mind that this spotting could possibly mean nothing, so take this with a grain of salt.

At some point, PUBG will come to PS4 and this is the very first time we have to see PUBG and PS4 together at any capacity, even though the game isn’t running on the console.


Be that as it may, the success of this game is nothing new to the gamers and we all are also aware that due to its success it also landed on mobile devices as well. Just a few months back, PUBG rolled out on Andriod and iOS devices and as expected it saw a lot of success.

Now this leaves PS4 to be the only big platform that has not seen PUBG. Apart from that seeing PUBG on PS4 is something that has been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

In fact, recently a Reddit user went as far as to develop a report in which he claimed that this game will roll out on PlayStation 4, once it rolls out on Xbox One version.

So although this spotting in a video could potentially mean nothing, the desire to see this game on Sony’s console will continue to grow.