PAX West Security Concerns Addressed After Jacksonville Shooting

The tragic mass shooting at the Jacksonville Madden NFL qualifiers has worried people about the security at gaming events, this includes the upcoming PAX West.

Several tweets were asking the event team about how authorities will handle the event in such situations. In reaction to these questions, PAX West has issued an official statement expressing their approach towards the security.

USGamer asked PAX West about this issue to which they have responded with a full official statement:

First and foremost, our hearts go out to all of those impacted by the horrific, senseless act of violence in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday. The entire gaming community is affected by this tragedy.
The safety of our attendees, exhibitors, and staff is paramount to ReedPOP and Penny Arcade. As PAX has grown in popularity, we have responded with the addition of increased private security, law enforcement, and other personnel, each of whom are on-site at all times during our events.
As a rule, we do not publicly announce or discuss the details of our security program in order to maintain its effectiveness, however, we work closely with the Washington State Convention Center, private security, the Seattle Police Department and federal law enforcement authorities to identify risks, assess them and develop our comprehensive security protocols for PAX West. We have in place extensive proactive measures; some that are visible during PAX events and many that are not. We are always working to improve our security plans and, if need be, adjust them, to ensure that we are doing all that we can to make PAX West, and all PAX events, a safe and secure environment for the community.
Across the fifteen years of PAX events, we have provided a safe and welcoming environment for more than a million attendees to come together for their love of gaming and we are ensuring that we adhere to that tradition at PAX West 2018.

The PAX Team is said to be ready to regulate security in hostile situations even though added security has not been confirmed.

Management is responsible for the protection of the community that participates in them. After the Florida shooting, many people have raised their voices while paying homage to victims for better security arrangements at events like this.

The Jacksonville shooting has led to the cancellation of further Madden tournaments by EA and gameplay trailers have also been delayed. Certainly, the PAX West team should also commit to the best of their abilities to protect the visitors.