Nintendo Switch Games Will Soon Dethron 3DS

We all know that Nintendo 3DS rolled out about seven years back and so by now it has a fully established library of games that fans can lean on. However, Nintendo Switch rolled out just one and half year back and in this small time, the Nintendo Switch games are about to surpass Nintendo 3DS Games.

So in just a year and a half time, the number of Nintendo Switch Released Games are about to surpass the number of Nintendo 3DS Games which took over seven years.

We came to know of this when the statistics were provided by Nintendo’s home page, the number of Switch games sits at 1,065 while overall count for Nintendo 3DS games totals up to 1,254.

So as you can see that the margin is pretty small and it has only been one and a half year. Among other reasons for this is the fact that Nintendo has recently been pushing indie games on Switch.

So estimates are that in just a few months time, Nintendo Switch games library will surpass Nintendo 3DS number. That said, this should not be much of a surprise to the audience since we all know that Switch has become a sales juggernaut, closing up to about 20 million units.

The remarkability of this console is beyond any doubt, in fact, to such a level that it’s compared with big consoles like PS4 and Xbox One in terms of sales.

Now while PS4 sales have been recorded to be about 70 million units and Microsoft’s Xbox One expected to be more than 30 million units, Nintendo Switch is being considered to perhaps surpass the Xbox One sales before the next-gen consoles roll out.

However, that may be a long shot but it definitely points out the success of this console.