Nintendo Advertises Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro Controller Coming Soon

If you’re a big Super Smash Bros fan, then you might want to know this: Nintendo has announced that they will soon be releasing a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro controller as a promotional tie-in to the game, meaning you can declare your love for Smash even more with it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate promises to be the biggest Super Smash Bros game ever, as it includes almost every character from every previous Super Smash Bros game being added in, along with a number of new characters like Ridley, Simon and Richter Belmont, and more. And with the buzz of a new Smash game, also comes the opportunity for new bonus stuff, such as the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro controller.

The pro controller is a white and dark-grey Nintendo Switch Pro controller with the telltale Super Smash Bros logo on the face of it, the perfect sort of controller to be playing that sort of game on, if you’re that big of a Super Smash Bros fanatic.

Of course, it’s likely that these new controllers will be getting sold for a premium price, especially with how popular Super Smash Bros is and how successful the new game is likely to be with so many characters and so much content.

One-of-a-kind controllers like these, especially for a highly popular game, are sure to sell like hotcakes like most specialized peripherals that Nintendo often puts out, such as spare JoyCons, Pro Controllers, charging stations, and more.

However, if there’s a good enough audience for Super Smash Bros (and there most likely will be considering the relatively short lifespan of Super Smash Bros Wii U), it’s likely that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro controller will be on the shelves in a lot of stores. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on December 7 of this year.