Jacksonville Shooting Suspect Was Settling Tournament Scores

Tragic incidents seem to have taken a dive a little too deep among the youngsters for some time now. The recent Jacksonville shooting has once again saddened the hearts, however, it does not mean that the authorities can dwell over it. According to the recent statement by the state police, Jacksonville shooting suspect was allegedly targeting specific gamers.

Many are calling him racist while other say he was mentally ill. There are reports of his previous struggle with mental health and parental issues.

After he lost the game to opposing players, he went back and returned with a gun to shoot the winners. More than one aspect contributed to his actions but video games are being attacked by the state media.

It’s an unfortunate incident that took place in a gaming tournament. So does that necessarily mean that video games are to be used as a scapegoat, in order to slip away the negligence of the authorities, let alone the whole state?

Talking to the reporters, Jacksonville’s Sheriff Mike Williams said.

The suspect clearly targeted other gamers. The suspect walked past patrons who were in other parts of the business and focused his attention on the gamers.

There is no argument over the fact Jacksonville shooting suspect was targetting specific gamers. Because just moments back he had lost to the same gamer and the rest of the casualties were just collateral damage.

According to Sheriff Williams, Jacksonville shooting suspect David Katz had in his possessions two handguns, a .45mm, a 9 mm and considerable ammunition. Now hold that thought for a moment and digest the fact that this same Jacksonville shooting Suspect had a history of mental illness, as well as police visits.

So two things, first the state gun laws are to be taken a closer look at perhaps, and the second which actually is the proof of negligence on part of the medical institutions, as well as the security authorities, who allowed such a mind to own a weapon.

This is not the first time such a situation has stuck us with the same argument as always. If you guys would remember, the Texas Lt. Gov also blamed the gaming industry for Santa Fe Shooting as well, in fact, a similar statement was also passed by Kentucky Governor regarding Florida school shooting.

There is always one aspect ignored in all of these shooting and that is the easy access to guns. Unless and until gun control laws are strict, it is a with a heavy heart that such incidents will tend to take place.

Now adding to that the other big aspect is the mental health, it is with shame that most of the suspects that have participated in such violent acts have had a record of mental illness. So perhaps the negligence or poor anticipation of the medical experts, to not see such fragility in a patient and not being able to preempt such scenario, is also a huge fault.

There also have been multiple scientific research’s that have sought out to find the answer, to this debate and they¬†most of them deem video games, to not be responsible.

Video Games are played all around the world, however, only US seems to encounter such situations. Perhaps it is time for the country to own up to their internal institutional issues as well as the gun control laws, rather using video games as a scapegoat.