Guacamelee 2 Salvador Guide – How To Defeat, Boss Tips

You might be having some problem defeating the Guacamelee 2’s final and toughest boss, Guacamelee 2 Salvador. For that purpose, we have highlighted some important tips and tricks in our Guacamelee 2 Salvador Guide that you can keep in mind while attempting the fight.

These strategies will help you take down the Mexican super-villain in no time at all!

Guacamelee 2 Salvador

The actual fight is divided into two phases: the first one where you battle off the two serpents or giant snakes aiding Salvador, and the final phase involves Salvador himself unleashing the full spectrum of his rage and skill.

In phase 1, where you fight two serpents, there will be a tonne of unblockable attacks, so be sure to dodge out of harm’s way. These attacks are usually the laser beam, surprise attack from below, missiles, and meteorites striking you.

All can be dodged and any health that you may have lost, immediately regain it via the self-healing ability like Mindful Meditation. Regain stamina in a similar way as well.

Your main goal should be to hit the serpents on the head region. Use effective moves like the Headbutt, Frog Slam, and more to make sure you can cause the most damage in the least amount of time.

Once you are done with one of the snakes, the missiles will start raining down even harder, avoid them and proceed to eliminate the other snake as well.

Once both are down, this is where phase 2 starts. Salvador will erect a purple shield around him believing that the player will not be able to penetrate it.

However, he clearly underestimated our ability to turn in a chicken and deliver a hard-hitting attack with the Pollo Shot.

This will break down a purple shield, for subsequent defenses, he will erect power fields of different colors, and so you will need different moves to break through it.

  • Blue powerfields are dealt with Dash Punch
  • Use the KO Headbutt for bringing down gold shields
  • Frog Slam will help you take down the green shields
  • A red shield can be overcome with Rooster Uppercut
  • As discussed above, Pollo Shot will eliminate the purple shield
  • Finally, orange colored shields are brought down thanks to your Pollo Slide ability

Salvador’s move list comprises of three main strikes: his flying elbow which can be dodged by rolling, the charge move which occurs when Salvador glows, jump out of the way of this.

Lastly, while Salvador hovers in the air, look out for his three newly formed serpents attacking you. Use the rolling move again to avoid it.

During the battle, keep healing yourself and look for windows of attack. You will get many chances of hitting Salvador from behind.

Therefore, if you are successful with surviving through the fight, bringing down his shields with your different abilities, and attacked him when there was a chance to, you will have beaten the final boss and triggered the ending.

Following these tips, you should easily be able to defeat Guacamelee 2 Salvador. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!