Upcoming Fortnite Shockwave Grenade Is “Like A Human Cannonball”

The shockwave grenade is going to be included in the freshly announced Fortnite content update. This Fortnite content update is going to present users with new items for the game. Fortnite shockwave grenade is one of those new items offering benefits like fall damage immunity.

Epic Games announced this 5.30 content update for all platform users of Fortnite. The update was planned for 28 August at 1 pm BST (5 am PT/8am ET). The interesting thing about this update is that players will now have no disruption as they enjoy their game.

The new item in the Fortnite update, which most likely is going to be the Shockwave Grenade has not been officially acknowledged by Epic Games as of now. However, the News Feed screen in the battle royale game suggests this grenade as the new item. The reason behind that is, Shockwave Grenade has been tagged as”coming soon” on the News Feed of Fortnite.

The further description of the grenade says “Send yourself, allies or enemies flying like a human cannonball!”. Moreover, the details of the item reveal it to lessen the fall damage. Epic Games are also looking to improve stability by introducing a client update for Fortnite followed by this content update.

Apart from the new items in 5.30 update, players have the last opportunity to become part of a limited time only “Score Royale Mode.”

Although the update is for every platform, the Switch update is expected to run a little late due to compatibility arrangements. Officials confirmed this on Twitter to avoid any confusions.

The Xbox, PS4, PC and mobile updates are, however, going to be released collectively for Fortnite users. Epic Games also released another update recently that added a popular sniper rifle. The rifle mixed with the new Fortnite shockwave grenade could offer a decent advantage in combat.

However, not all is rainbows and sunshine when it comes to Fortnite updates. Matchmaking changes have caused a stir among parts of the community.