FIFA 19 Won’t Feature Brazil National Team

The reports of Brazilian National Team license not being included in PES 2019 had been flying in earlier. Now it looks like the National Team of Brazil is currently not licensed with FIFA 19 also. The Brazil Football Confederation seems to be having some issues with the video game authorities which have put a halt on the confirmation of the Selecao being in FIFA 19.

CBF is having trouble negotiating with FIFA 19 authorities which could hurt the Brazilian football as they have huge following worldwide. The licensing problem has also affected the Brazilian League which is suggested to have 16 teams but only with players already licensed. Moreover, the Brazilian league teams will not be included in the FUT cast of FIFA 19.

This leads to the fact that players would be unable to select Brazil in the category of International Teams in FIFA 19. Therefore, even with Brazilian players present in the game the much-loved Selecao team is going to be missing from the FIFA 19 International Teams.

Joining the lists of such national teams not being featured in the upcoming game although they were included in FIFA 18 are several others. Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Austria are rumored to be excluded from the upcoming game as well.

13 team are being reported to not be licensed in the 45 teams to be featured in the international team’s category in FIFA 19. An extensive list has been published on the FIFAUTeam website which shows all leagues and clubs being included or excluded from the FIFA 19 teams.

However, the news can be taken as speculation as of now because EA Sports has not publically announced any such information yet. Till then, check out the leaked player rankings of the biggest teams in the football video game. The ranking didn’t turn out quite satisfactory for some fans.

Madrid also faced the consequences of selling their record-breaking legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source: meups4